Regular Cycles

Phone: +1 (651) 424-8555

Regular Cycles is a one-man shop dedicated to making bicycle parts and bicycle frames using carbon fiber and related materials. My name is Drew Diller, I work in a single garage stall, and I am not a classically trained engineer. I am instead a stubborn cyclist who dislikes the phrase, "There's not enough customer interest for us to justify prototyping that."

There are certain holes in the bicycle product landscape that I aim to fill, mostly oriented around toughening of the ever fragile rear derailleur on a typical bike. Mind you, much about bicycle technology has already been invented... but not everything.

However, it is common sense that if I am to develop a niche product (like a new type of gearbox mountain bike), then I should also offer products that are not a niche for a variety of reasons. So, I am currently using my carbon skills to make bunch of custom handlebars and custom saddles. Custom frames will soon follow.

Pricing for custom bars and custom saddles starts at $120 for relatively mild design constraints, with cost increasing for things such as high complexity multi-segmented touring bars.