Regular Cycles

Phone: +1 (651) 424-8555

Regular Cycles is a one-man shop dedicated to making bicycle parts and bicycle frames using carbon fiber and related materials. My name is Drew Diller, I work in a single garage stall, and I am not a classically trained engineer. I am instead a stubborn cyclist who dislikes the phrase, "There's not enough customer interest for us to justify prototyping that."

There are certain holes in the bicycle product landscape that I aim to fill, mostly oriented around toughening of the ever fragile rear derailleur on a typical bike. Mind you, much about bicycle technology has already been invented... but not everything.

First, though, I must complete a single-point-of-failure manufacturing exercise.

To that end, my first available product will be wide, flat, swept MTB handlebars available in a variety of sweep angles. My molding methods are economical as the majority of the process involves recyclable mold material, so my minimum-order sizes are a fraction of those desired by other manufacturers. When I initially started this project, I considered contracting to existing companies, but I often encountered minimium order sizes of a thousand or more. I resolved to make a carbon prototyping company that could make twenty - or five - or one of something without creating a financial boondoggle.

I am nearing satisfaction for a litany of safety tests, and bars will soon be available.